he Earth Republic (E-Rep) has taken over Defiance and Niles Pottinger is the new mayor. Datak is imprisoned in E-Rep's prison camp, Camp Reverie, after having been found guilty of murdering Colonel Marsh. Alak now runs the family business, but when he proves weak at running it, Stahma takes over. Rafe McCawley, who previously owned the local gulanite mine, now is working there for E-Rep. After an accident, a man dies and his two sons, Josef and Hyatt, vandalize an E-Rep propaganda poster, and they get arrested. Niles orders his bio-man aide, Churchill, to "take care of them"; then, while they are being transferred to prison, Churchill leaves them and they escape into a forest infested with Hellbugs, where Hyatt gets killed. Amanda is running Kenya's business until Kenya comes back, not realizing Stahma has murdered Kenya. Meanwhile, Nolan keeps searching for Irisa and he finds her in the Angel Arc. The two of them reunite and Irisa tells him that he has to go back to Defiance, but she will not mention any of her visions or her actions to him.

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