his final series of Forbrydelsen explores the global financial crisis as the ostensibly random murder of a sailor leads Sarah Lund through the financial community.[23] Lund has ambitions for promotion and a new lifestyle, but at the same time is struggling to maintain a relationship with her son Mark. Through the investigation she finds herself thrown together with a former lover, Mathias Borch, who now works for Special Branch. When Emilie Zeuthen, the daughter of a wealthy businessman, is kidnapped, the link between the latest series of murders and the apparent suicide of an orphaned teenager becomes clear. While Lund and Borch hunt down the kidnapper, the government is on the verge of collapse as the prime minister, relying on Zeuthen's support for his economic policies, discovers that his own son Benjamin was also connected with the girl's death. After Emilie is found and the kidnapper accidentally killed, Lund takes it on herself to make sure that a serial killer does not go unpunished.

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