uturama's sixth production season originally aired on Comedy Central from June 24, 2010, to September 8, 2011, and consisted of 26 episodes. The season marks the change of networks from Fox to Comedy Central.

The first 13 episodes aired during 2010, and the remaining 13 episodes aired during 2011. This makes the episode "The Futurama Holiday Spectacular" the mid-season finale, despite airing almost twelve weeks after Futurama's 100th episode. The final episode of the season, "Reincarnation", aired on September 8, 2011 as a three-segment non-canonical special after the official season finale.

The first 13 episodes of the season have been released on a box set called Futurama: Volume 5, on DVD and Blu-ray Disc. It was released in the United States and Canada, on December 21, 2010, and on UK DVD on boxing day 2011. The remaining 13 episodes are available on a box set called Futurama: Volume 6, which was released in the United States and Canada on December 20, 2011. Both volumes have all episodes ordered in production order as was the case with Volumes 1–4.

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