ischarged from hospital Jimmy discovers that Pizza This owner Guzman is in collusion with Tony Chivers, a gangster and old enemy of Jimmy's who warns him to stay away from Guzman. Whilst Jimmy is keeping a vigil at Ellie's flat Jackie's car is blown up and policeman Steve McIntyre investigates. However Jimmy is to learn that Steve was Jackie's lover when he was in prison and he walks out on her - much to the delight of Sue. Jimmy persuades Joe to take in Ellie but she disappears and when Jimmy catches up with her she is with the severely beaten Aaron. As a result of Jimmy trashing their heroin the youngsters owe Guzman £20,000 and Joe is not convinced when his father tells him about the outwardly respectable Guzman's criminal secret. After telling Jackie to start divorce proceedings so that she can marry Steve Jimmy goes to see Chivers, declaring that he will work for him to pay off the drugs debt.

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