s Christmas 1962 approaches Sister Julienne gets a call from the Hope Clinic, a mission hospital in South Africa, in danger of closure due to under-staffing on the eve of a much needed polio vaccination programme. Along with a group of midwives, the Turners, Fred and Tom, she arrives at the clinic to assist its lone medic, Myra Fitzsimmons, and they are shocked by the lack of supplies and the rudimentary conditions, with Phyllis delivering a baby under a tree in the desert. They also encounter Apartheid and dysentery, caused by the lack of clean water. Worst of all Dr Myra is convinced she has cancer. Before they return to England Trixie has performed a Caesarean, Sister Julienne has persuaded a gruff white land owner to run a fresh water pipe-line through his property and Dr Turner has good news for Myra, all allowing the clinic to continue. At the same time Barbara and Tom have good news of their own

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