he lads finally make it to the house of former CIA agent Lazaro,who agrees to take their name of the CIA's kill list and let them know how things are doing at home in exchange for their doing his housework. Unbeknown to them however,as he is supposedly wiping their name of the computer another agent is remotely putting them back on again. Lazaro gets them all high on peyote,leading each one to have a different hallucination but next morning when they are feeling drowsy he produces a gun and says that he has orders to kill them in revenge for their killing Maria Gonzalez at Alvo's villa. They are however saved,first by the tokoloshe who tells Rick to flee and then by Mercedes,who shoots Lazaro and tells the CIA that the quartet are all dead before arranging to have them taken back to Cape Town to start the journey home. She waves them off - as,in Rick's case only - does the tokoloshe.

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