essie is an 18 year old girl who moves from Texas to New York, in order to try to live on her own. When she is not able to pay the driver, she is thrown out of the cab, and found by Tony, the apartment's door man, and Zuri, one of the Ross children. Jessie decides to nanny Zuri, an imaginable little girl, Luke, a 12 year old jokester that has a crush on Jessie, Ravi, a recently adopted Indian boy who has a razor lizard, and Emma, the natural-born child of the Rosses. The children find Jessie too commanding, and in turn, run away on their parents' helicopter. Jessie finds them and softens up on them, but accidentally ruins Emma's science project for the science fair. She fixes the project, but Emma is disappointed because her entrepreneur parents have no time for her because they are working on their new movie. Jessie tells Mr. and Mrs. Ross that they don't spend enough time with their children; she gets fired in return. Jessie decides that she should go to the science fair instead of the Rosses. However, her parents actually showed up to the fair. Jessie is rehired in the end.

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