onna dates self-centred yuppie Stefan, whose birthday present to her is to have sex on a wad of bank notes,his orgasm brought on by the money, not her. He takes her to a business meeting at a posh restaurant but passes her off as an escort, neglecting her for the prettier one he had forgotten he'd already hired. Hearing Karl is back,Donna dumps Stefan, only to find Karl is engaged to an Italian girl. Seeing the girl kiss another boy gives her the chance to win Karl back but she is told that they have an open relationship. Louise returns from holiday with the clinging,adoring Greg, whom she does not have the heart to throw over as he saved her from a mudslide. However, when she finally turns him down he jumps out of a hot air balloon and ends up in a coma. Karen slaves for piggish Martin, even making a special journey to the mini-mart when she serves him the wrong mustard. She re-encounters old flame Billy, now a drunk with cancer, living in a garage. She rescues him and they marry - his cancer going away - after she has had revenge on Martin. This involves stripping him nude, tying him to a chair with tampons in his ears and nose and a cheese up his arse, covering him with foodstuffs and bringing everyone round to laugh at his humiliation. Donna proposes to Stefan but neither is really keen and she ends up on a station platform with Karl.

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