ll is well in Peckham. Marlene is off to a health farm as Boycie rises to take the dog for a walk and their son Tyler is off to France for a school trip. It's just another ordinary day in the Boyce household. Then Denzil arrives bringing news that the infamous Driscoll Brothers are being released early from prison and they're on the hunt for the supergrass who helped get them banged up. Boycie is horrified.

By the time Marlene and Tyler return, he's sold the house, sold the car dealership and planned a new life in Shropshire. Reluctantly Marlene agrees to the move and Tyler is dragged with them. Moving day comes and once north of the safe confines of the Thames, they find themselves hopelessly lost and out of their depth. They eventually track down their new home and discover that "The Grange" comes complete with some very strange characters.

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