ichael Knight's talking car parties hard in "KITT's Day Out." A brawl rocks the nursing home in "Grandma Fu." Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen unite to fight a rampaging dragon. George Jetson's murder takes center stage in "Unsolved Case Files: I, Rosie."

Skits: "Hip Hip Horray", "See-Saw", "Mission to Mars: Day 293", "KITT's Day Out", "Mission to Mars: Day 312", "My Toe", "Going to the Ball?", "Kung fu Grandma", "Polar Bear Puke", "Mission to Mars: Day 331", "The Incredible Adventures of the Olsen Twins", "Disfigured", "Fiat Platypus", "There's a monster in My Closet", "KITT's Day Out - part 2", "Mission to Mars: Day 332", "Unsolved Case Files: I, Rosie", "Next week on Unsolved Case Files: Jem" RATED TV14DLSV

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