onic has unofficially taken residence at Chris' house. Chris is a young boy, whose family is rich. While Chris and Sonic are watching TV, Chris' grandfather, Chuck, walks into the room and discovers Sonic. Almost taken apart by Chuck, Sonic flies out of the way to the other side of the room. Sonic then hears on the TV that Cream and Cheese were found. Chuck sees this and agrees to help Sonic find his friends. Cream and Cheese have been taken to Area 99; a top-secret military base. It is very high security, so Chuck gives Sonic an infrared scope to find his way around. Sonic finds Cream and Cheese in a lab being tested. He breaks them out, but then the security cameras catch him and start firing their lasers at them. After the cameras' lasers destroy about half of the base, Sonic hears a noise outside. It's the tornado! Sonic bolts out the wall and lands on the Tornado, and they all fly back to Chris' house to reunite.

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