n anonymous young woman approaches Archie with the proposition that she be allowed to spend a week at the Wolfe complex incommunicado, and she is willing to pay well for the privilege. Taken by her beauty, the chivalrous Goodwin agrees to argue her case with Nero, who is characteristically angered to find a female tenant under his roof. The next morning, lawyer Perry Helmar tries to hire Wolfe to locate his missing ward, Priscilla Eads, who stands to inherit her father's factory and considerable fortune when she turns 25 in a week. Archie recognizes her picture as his young guest, but neither man reveals the truth to her guardian. When the young heiress cannot agree to terms with Wolfe, she leaves his protection and shortly thereafter is found bludgeoned and strangled. A guilt-ridden Archie looks for the murderer in the board room of the dead girl's company and is subsequently arrested for impersonating a policeman. Before Nero can free his friend and solve the crime, the killer strikes again.

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