renda decides to stay in London for the entire year. Valerie Malone, the daughter of the Walshes' good friends, comes to live with them. Her father has just committed suicide. Steve reveals that Celeste dumped him during their Hawaiian vacation when she ran into her high school boyfriend. He settles on Kelly as his true love, and is shocked to learn that she is with Brandon. Steve gets over his broken heart by spending time with Valerie. Valerie seems to be a nice girl, but smokes pot and insults everyone during a phone conversation with a friend. Dylan returns to Los Angeles after a two-month-long drinking binge in Mexico. David fills Kelly in on his summer, which found him receiving--then losing--a chance to tour with Babyface, and getting a venereal disease from Ariel. Donna tries to avoid David. Andrea and Jesse finally bring Hannah home from the hospital, after a nearly tragic mishap. Jesse moonlights as a bartender to bring in extra cash.

Music: ""Back & Forth"" by Aaliyah (#5, 19

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