n undercover agent, Hays, assigned to gather evidence against Syndicate head John Lawton, is blinded in an explosion. Lawton's lieutenant Deetrich and his business advisor Matula are rivals - Matula is actually an IMF undercover plant - so the IMF must keep him from being exposed and make sure he takes Lawton's place. Lawton believes Hays is working with someone in his organization. Jim, surgically blinded, takes Hays' place. Lawton has his henchman Brown watch Jim and then offer him money to reveal the leak. Deetrich pays Jim to fingeer Matula but in the final showdown Matula plays Lawton an IMF-supplied tape of Deetrich and Jim planning to implicate him. Deetrich and Brown are killed in the subsequent shootout and Lawton and Matula leave, telling Barney (infiltrated in as a mobster) to take care of Jim.

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