ased in a village in Kolhapur, Popat is a story of four friends Raghunath Hiwale, Bakul Chinchukey and Mukund Borate all three in their early twenties and Janardan Shingre in his forties. Four friends come together and decide to make a film on HIV/AIDS. The only knowledge they have about films is that Raghu is a junior actor. With the help of little knowledge they get from sources in the village through government awareness program and basic documents, Mukund begins writing a story as he is the only literate out of the three. They bump into Janardan Shingre who has a video camera as he is a photographer by profession and also shoots local marriages. The journey begins and all of a sudden these friends find themselves in middle of a life threatening situation. A roller coaster ride, a humorous take on HIV/AIDS, Popat shows how life is not full of laughter fun and free lunch.

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