reddy 'the Hush' Burnett is a lonely hit-man with his own code of justice who, from a young age, was taught how to move, act and function as an instrument of death and justice. He is hired by a shadow criminal organization, known as the Four Horsemen, for a simple job: in one night, eliminate and deliver the corpse of a corrupt Judge. In the midst of dealing with the Judge, the Hush ends up encountering a young woman, Lillian, who happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Both characters, in their own attempt for survival and preservation, end up in a struggle that results in Lillian's death and the beginning of discoveries that lead the Hush towards a place of guilt and sorrow, something that he is never supposed to feel. Now with extra 'weight' in his trunk, the Hush sets out to clear his tracks and deliver the Judge's dead body. As he begins to loose control, the ghosts of those he has killed begin to haunt the Hush. Preparing to take his pay and vanish, the Hush has a threatening confrontation with the sadistic middleman for the Four Horsemen named Smiles. Things escalate, the Hush acts and now faces yet another Ghost. The Hush sets out to clear his tracks and stay alive. With the Ghosts growing influence and the forces he has betrayed close on his trail, the Hush finds himself drawn into the worlds that the ghosts left behind - or the worlds they are still trying to create. As he falls deeper into darkness, the Hush must navigate his way through various challenges, dealing with both internal and external conflicts, if he is to make it through the night.

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