group of children are building a snow fort. The eldest of the children, William (a wise beyond his years 10-year-old), takes a break from the playing and observes the others. He takes a moment to reflect and begins a V.O. narration. He talks about how happy the children are but how that happiness will not last. He knows that the fort will only last a little while, as they are irresistible targets for big kids. His thoughts are interrupted by a group of teenagers. They chase the little kids out and smash the fort. The children are left teary eyed, staring at the devastation. The V.O. starts up again and the children go home to sadly eat their lunch. The eldest stays behind a minute to reflect. He knew this would happen, but it doesn't faze him much. He knows that time heals, and after lunch they will feel rejuvenated. He delivers the final lines of the movie with a sense of perseverance and optimism; "But then, when our plates empty and bellies full, we'll come back and they will begin to understand. More snow will fall and we will build again.

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