tale of a fallen angel who was sentenced to a human life sentence... Moses, the angel of life is haunted by the visions of a dead child works as an assassin for Mrs. Mier whose true identity is Gabriel the Arc Angel... the assassination of Lucky Palermo was a mistake. Julius Palermo, Lucky's brother whose true identity is The dark angel... Make a vow to destroy Moses. Sending his daughter Angel Eyes a top underworld assassin to kill him... touched by the Arc Angel Gabriel, Angel eyes falls for moses instead. Moses finds out from Mrs. Mier that he is a fallen angel and his mission is to bring the Dark Angel back home to heaven... Together along with Jesus, a homeless Vietnam Vet, the trio hit the desert highway. Jesus leads moses and Angel eyes to his old time Vietnam Buddy John J whose life he saved in Nam. Together they will fight what ensues a show down between the forces of good and evil. Who will prevail?

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