et ready to take a ride on a train-wreck! Enter the world of Josh Lowell -- demented loser, town pillar, self-loathing transvestite in denial. The centerpiece, the proverbial objet d'art, he is the center of his universe, surrounded by minions of devoted followers, over whom he exerts an almost cult-like control. The first member of these so-called "minions" is Malaise, goth-warrior-princess and trailer-trash vampire. Malaise blazes a trail strewn with flotsam and jetsam on whatever path she chooses to tread. In this case, the path is where Josh happens to be walking. Malaise is also a really big slut. The second of these minions, and Josh's sergeant-at-arms, is Salem. A brute force of wasted air,Salem commands the respect of those around him, like crackheads, the homeless and runaway kids. Accompanied by these two devoted followers, Josh busies himself preparing for his comeback. Where has he been to necessitate this comeback? Well, that's what this documentary is about. Josh is, in fact, (according to him), none other than Tori Amos, in spite of the Adam's apple and the propensity to use urinals. Unfortunately, the population of Seattle doesn't quite accept him as the avant-garde rockstar, Ms. Amos. Therein lies the basis for the wonderful series of hijinks and conflicts that erupt as Josh spends his days walking the streets of Seattle spouting obscenities to all passers-by, threatening shopkeepers, performing for his fans and drawing all sunshine and cosmic energy from the ether above. He does this by simply walking around in a tattered housecoat and red wig, but that's the fun part.

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