he horrific events of September 11th, 2001 have left New York resident Ellsworth Savage a shell-shocked mess. Not only is he undecided about his feelings concerning the complex event that begat a tumultuous global climate, but he is unable to return to a normal life. He constantly calls in sick to his job, and his relationship with his live-in girlfriend Eleanor suffers under the weight of his indecisiveness. After spending the morning reliving 9-11 by returning to the Manhattan street corner where he witnessed the horrific attack and by visiting the wall of "missing" notices at St. Vincent's Hospital in the West Village, Ellsworth goes to the cafe where Eleanor is having lunch. Despite their lack of civility and intense differences of opinion (he dislikes Bush because of the President's cowardice during a national time of crisis, and she is for full-on vengeance) they share a brief kiss. Afterwards, Ellsworth visits Anne, the woman with whom he is having an affair. Intruding upon her peaceful afternoon of eating popcorn and watching TV, a kiss leads to lolling about in bed and to Ellsworth's recounting the reason behind his inability to accept that the safety that he once took for granted has forever changed. His questioning of everything that Americans cherish is met with disinterest by the progressive Anne, who launches into a faux prosecution on the past crimes permitted and perpetrated by our recent governments, like business de-regulation, horrific treatment of laborers by corporations, leaders putting business interests before their own citizens, and a general unresponsiveness to the nation's needs. Everything is connected, she seems to insinuate. After spending the remainder of the afternoon by having sex and napping, Anne leaves a sleeping Ellsworth at her apartment and travels through the chaos of Times Square to rehearse a fan dance with her burlesque company. After being harangued by a co-worker for being late, Anne and the girls launch into a spirited rehearsal of a beautiful, energetic choreographed routine. Comprised of elaborate blue and pink costumes and feathered hand-fans, the women perform for themselves and lose themselves in their creative endeavor. Afterwards, a chastened Anne is left alone to gather her things, and her thoughts turn to Ellsworth, confused, frightened, alone, and fated to eventually return to the soulless corporation where he is forced to work in order to continue his life with Eleanor. Returning home after her practice, Anne is surprised by Ellsworth (who enters by virtue of a spare key that Anne had given to him earlier). Despite her desire to be alone and relax, she nevertheless allows him to stay. The unannounced appearance of Eleanor, who followed Ellsworth to Anne's, surprises them both. Confronted by the two women, Ellsworth admits that he knew he was being tailed, and that he wanted to see what would happen if both of his lovers were in the same room. Angered, and unwilling to either converse or compromise, Eleanor demands that he instantly choose between them.

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