pyTek exposes the astounding technology of espionage, and the dogged, remorse-less spies who stole the secrets. Encounter assassination tools so ingenious, they were undetectable: a gun that shot cyanide vapor and caused death upon inhalation; an umbrella whose hidden needle implanted a poisoned pellet; and a terrifying shellfish toxin, without an antidote. "The Real 007" presents an intriguing interview with Aldrich Ames, the American CIA agent who sold secrets to the Russians; plus the first-ever film tour of Moscow's KGB Museum. "The Deadly Game" brings you face-to-face with historic spy technology: powerful silencers used by British SAS agents against Nazi war criminals; the KGB's ultra-lethal cyanide guns; the CIA's supertoxins; and the armor-plated vehicles used to combat modern terrorists. "Spy vs. Spy" reveals fierce Cold War battles between enemy spies whose wit, daring, courage and technological tools fought a 40-year campaign of stealth, deception and betrayal. Watch as cleverly concealed pistols, cameras, and listening devices fueled the warriors of a clandestine struggle.

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