his is a romantic drama about class and expectations, set on a university campus. Two Pretoria students, Joerie Anker (Snip) and Christina Burger (Rissiepit), are in love – to the chagrin of Christina’s better-off parents. Her mother thinks Joerie is not good enough for her daughter and her father, an influential member of the university hierarchy, threatens to have his grant suspended if he doesn't stop seeing his daughter. Parental pressure forces Christina to sever ties with Joerie and she starts seeing the arrogant Piet Stadler. But their relationship is doomed because of Piet’s intense jealousy of Joerie who, he believes, is still the love of Christina’s life. Piet vents his anger on Joerie and Christina when he bumps them off a bridge one night after the two have been out in Joerie’s jalopy. While Christina comes away with light injuries, Joerie has to fight for his life.

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