his promotional short film for Soylent Green (1973) begins by showing clips of films that depicted what the future might be like beyond Earth (click the "movie connections" link for the short list). The narrator then discusses the origin of the idea depicted in "Soylent Green": some time in the future, there will be too many people and not enough food to feed them. Director Richard Fleischer and star Charlton Heston discuss how an upcoming crowd scene will be filmed. Then we see what happens when the crowd riots because there is not enough food available to be distributed to everyone. "Soylent Green" was Edward G. Robinson's 101st (and, as it turned out, his last) feature film. During a break in filming, the cast and crew hold a ceremony celebrating the first film of his "second hundred", and Robinson makes appreciative remarks to the crowd. Studio head Jack L. Warner and friend George Burns are among those in attendance.

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