a Soldadera (the female soldier), focuses upon Lázara a simple country girl who is caught up in the Mexican Revolution. At the beginning of the film she is a newlywed whose husband, Juan, is forced to join the federal army during the Mexican Revolution. Lázara chooses to follow Juan, but unfortunately, he is soon killed in battle. One of the Villista soldiers (supporters of Pancho Villa), Nicolsá, takes Lzáara to be his woman and so she becomes part of their band. Lzáara has to walk alongside Nicolsá's horse whilst carrying his rifle and gun belt as they travel. One of the older "soldaderas" put the gun belt on Lzáara and shows her how to shoot. Although Lzáara does not fight she is present during moments of conflict and is involved in the looting of a town. But Lzáara wish for nothing more than a home.

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