utumn 1996. Avner, a highly-regarded Professor of Arts and his young wife, Ilana, come to visit the family farm run by Rachel and Shouki, (his children from a first marriage) and Menahem (the brother of his deceased first wife). Avner is in pain and needs a doctor. Rachel calls up Joel a physician and a friend of the family. Joel and Ilana are having a secret relationship that began during a previous visit to the farm. Menahem is in love with Ilana and Rachel with Joel. They are unaware of the love affair between Ilana and Joel. Avner came this time to the farm with a proposition to sell the farm. This brings all the latent conflicts in the family to break loose. The movie, inspired by Tchekovs "Oncle Vania", is above all an Israeli story. It depicts the weariness, the frustrations and pain of large segments of Israeli society, their love to the land and to one another, their dreams and their hope.

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