t may be played with the hands but the fist game is a game of the heart. It's a lot like falling in love. There is no sure win strategy, and there is no magic formula to help you read your opponent. To win, you have to commit yourself fully to the game, and make accurate guesses. Vivian loses her lover and her dignity in a pub one night. Believing nothing is impossible, she decides that her future was in her own hands. She would win everything back with her bare hands. She falls in love with the fist game and with the cheerful "Turtle", Ah Kwai, the champion of the fist game. Vivian realises that the ultimate challenge of the game is to engage each other in duels. It is the delivery and reaction that provide the real charm. Vivian and Turtle are the King and Queen of the fist game. In the world of the battle of fists, will they live happily ever after?

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