Satoshi Miki


大学時代より放送作家の事務所でのアルバイトをきっかけに、キャリアを重ねる。 テレビドラマ、バラエティ、映画の他、ヘビナ演術協会やシティボーイズライブ等の脚本・演出を手がける。 作品は、日常から少し外れて行く不条理な世界観、会話や背景などの端々に散りばめたギャグ・小ネタを特徴とし、独特のオフビートな展開は「脱力系」「ゆる系」とも評される。 Born on Aug. 9, 1961 at Kanagawa Prefecture. He started out as a writer for the hit TV variety shows, some of which are legendary known in Japan. He then begun directing stages and has further expanded into TV dramas and films. His directing style has its good and urbane sense of humor, in which seemingly unnecessary episodes and dialogues are developed and interwoven into a story, incidentally making them indispensable parts in the story. His first film "In the Pool" ('05) and the second feature Turtles Are Surprisingly Fast were consecutively released theatrically in the year 2005.

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